Devi Lacroix Writes

fantasy stories about monster girls finding true love

Do you like stories about monster girls, fantastic transformations, and true love? Then you’re in the right place!

My name is Devi. I like writing fantasy stories about brave knights and dashing dragons falling in love. My stories always focus on characters transforming into someone or something better than they were—happier, freer, and more at peace with the person (or monster) they really want to be. Whether it’s a story about a succubus settling down with the farmer she’s fallen in love with, a shrine maiden fleeing her oppressive family and becoming a naga, or a dragon and knight teaming up to save a village, my stories generally see the world ends up a better—or at least a sexier and more honest—place.

If that kind of writing appeals to you, then welcome! This website is an archive of my stories, accessible through the menu at the top of this page. I also routinely post updates about how my writing is going, and what kinds of stories are in the pipe-line. And if you like what you read, consider supporting my Patreon!

Before you go any further, you should be aware that my writing is universally NSFW. While I do my best to tell wholesome stories of self-discovery, those same stories are filled with adult themes, including lewd hand-holding and graphic sex. Additionally, my writing often leans hard on fetish-y tropes, including TF/TG transformation and teratophilia/xenophilia. If that doesn’t put you off—and you’re of legal consenting age in the territory within which you reside—then I hope you find something here that you enjoy.

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